Thursday, July 14, 2011

Feeding the Carnivore

The blog post I am Carnivore, Hear Me Roar discussed the topic of carnivore (cat and dog) nutrition. If after reading the article you had an “a-ha moment” and want to venture into feeding your four-legged kids fresh food, you may wonder how to get started.

We need to think about what to feed, taking our own comfort zone into account. There are a number of premade commercial raw products available in pet stores around the city that make it easy for the human who is afraid of missing key nutritional components. Though not perfect (we want to get our carnivores chewing for dental health, and want to control the ingredients that go into their food), it’s a good place to start.

Do you want to feed common meats that humans eat (i.e., chicken or beef)? Or venture out and exactly mirror what cats and dogs would eat in the wild (like rabbit, rodents or quail)? Then it’s time to look for appropriate sources of this new food. Sometimes you can easily put together meals without having to order anything special, but many local providers are getting used to special requests for the four-leggeds in our lives.

There are 54 greenmarkets around New York City ( where 230 small family farms and fishermen offer fresh, healthy, locally grown food. Aside from the wonderful food they sell for two-leggeds’ consumption, they often have a great selection of meats and organs for our four-legged companions.

There are also specialty butchers that can provide species-appropriate meats and organs for our carnivores. Los Paisanos in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn ( has a fine selection of fresh organic and natural common meats, and the largest selection of exotic foods imaginable. Their cases are stocked with a large selection of organ meats that suit our companions well. There are also places like Whole Foods Market ( Many high-end natural/organic stores like Whole Foods or local butchers are happy to prepare foods specifically for the carnivores in our lives. Just ask them!
Over the past few years, farms around the country have started to offer quality whole prey and ground foods specifically for dogs and cats. Sometimes we can co-op to share in the order process (and save on shipping costs). The New York Raw Feeders group on yahoo ( provides a place to discuss raw feeding, suppliers and other related topics; there’s also a brand new group on Facebook that will mirror or complement the Yahoo group (!/home.php?sk=group_201117679921090&ap=1).

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